Via Revgalblogpal, Songbird


been reflecting this week on the gift of friendship, of people who will
be there no matter what you need or when you need it. Sometimes a
friend accompanies us through a dark place or dances with us through a
joyful time or simply walks down the road of an ordinary time beside

Name five friends who have been there when you needed them.

Denise, who has the best kitchen for long talks, spaghetti dinners, small children running in and out and time to waste (in the best possible way.)

Lorraine, who is my soul sister and friend and whose idea of a vacation is my idea of retreat and so with whom I have shared many of holy moment.

Rosa, who is always there to hear me vent about all the many things going on inside and out and who loves my Mom almost as much as I do.

Patti Jo, whose sisterly care withstands the good, the bad and the ugly that is my moodiness and messiness.

Tony, (aka Fr. J.) who knows just what to say and when not to say it and whose love of a good movie is a great getaway for me.

And, oh, there are many more because I have been ridiculously blessed with the grace that is friendship and the love of God through others.