The knitting olympics are over!  (Coincidentally, the olympics are too.) 

When I began the olympics I signed up to knit my first pair of socks.  After I cast on and began knitting them, I knew I had underestimated my own abilities as I was going to finish them in record time and have all this olympic time left over.  So, I challenged myself to do my first sweater too.  And I did. 

Both projects are finished – I’ve even worn the socks out in public as well as around the house a lot.  The sweater is for my sister’s daughter whose first birthday is next month.  I’m pretty sure having a new baby (she’s adopted, remember) is pretty time-consuming, so am taking the risk in posting the picture here. 

And here they are… my Olympic projects…  (gold medal to follow.) Ta Da:


I used Ann Norling’s pattern: Adult Basic: Socks, (Pattern #12), using the slouch variation with Moda Dea’s Sassy Stripes yarn.




Sweater pattern: Haiku from Knitty with Cascade wool yarn… I modified the pattern to do a two color version and it’s in size 1-2.