So I’m in the video store this evening renting a couple of pics for the weekend (I was really looking to start the Gilmore Girls ouvre, but they only had season 5 – I had no idea there were so many seasons – so that was out.) 

Anyway, I’m surfing the new releases and these three young adults (maybe mid 20s) come by team surfing the titles.  They see Capote and one asks the others, "what’s that?"

"Yeah, mafia. . .  mob guy," says another.  "The main bad dude," says the third.

I smile to myself and move on.  "Capone," I think.

Later I hear then talking about what they are going to rent.  "Okay, Dreamer, the one with the little girl and the horse, and if it’s not there, Capote."

Boy would I like to be a fly on that wall.  🙂

Oh, I got North Country and The Fantastic Four (which may be more than you wanted to know about me.)