In a little over a week, I’m going to be responding to this question. I’m one of three "responders" at a talk given by Michael Crosby, OFM, Cap. here in San Francisco.  I’ve been listening to a talk Michael gave and reading his book of the same name/title.  Here is a flyer to the event:

Download the_heart_of_the_prophet_flyer.pdf

Perhaps you would like to help me out?  Perhaps you could respond to the question from your own perspective?  Can religious life be prophetic?  I’m interested in others’ perspectives.  I’ve been asked to be a responder as a "newer" member of religious life (Catholic vowed life, specifically), and as a "younger" vocation.

Maybe you are a member of revgalblogpals and would like to offer your two cents… maybe a younger religious yourself, maybe thinking of becoming one….  whoever you are, feel free to leave a quote, comment, concern, thought, etc. in the comments. I’d like to hear your initial thoughts on the question.  I’ll be happy to post my "response" after it’s completed, if you’re interested.  Okay, I’ll probably post it even if you are not interested…. tee hee.  Thanks for any feedback. 

[some may need a disclaimer that this is not an invitation to flame me or religious sisters, friars, brothers, priests, etc… – It’s so sad that I have to put that disclaimer in here.]