RevGalBlogPals – Friday Five via Songbird:

Whether it was on Broadway or at your neighborhood elementary school,
name five experiences of the performing arts that have touched or
tickled you.

I was(n’t) a child star!

As very small children, my brothers and sisters and I would put on plays for Mom and Dad, and I think other visitors as well.  I remember my big sister Rose was often the mastermind behind these little shows.  I have the distinct memory of standing in the linoleum tiled hallway waiting for my cue to come out into the orange shag carpeted living room to play some part… I only remember playing a sick child once….I probably wasn’t given a whole lot of lines because I was the youngest girl and I had a tendency to laugh and laugh and laugh at the slightest provocation! 

Warning Early 1980s memories about to surface – Geekdom revealed –

When I was in high school, I was in every play I could be in.  Small school, big opportunities…  So the one I remember the most was The Beverly Hillbillies.  I played the dean of the school Ms. Hathaway was trying to get Jethro into.  (Dean Mercy Lodge).  Mostly I remember this one because my three best friends were also in the play with me and we had oodles of fun goofing off together.  We were seniors and we were young and we were D O R K Y!  So, it was hysterical in only the way high school last minute high jinx could be.  Denise and I (my bestest friend from then) still quote lines from that play…. "Don’t do that."  "Don’t do what?"  "Don’t close the door!"  (and they weren’t even our lines!)

I was friends with some oddball types… I was an oddball type.  You know that oh so shortlived TV show Freaks and Geeks?  We were so the geeks.  My friend Bill would think up these wacky things – and he had a video camera… We would put on shows and Bill would film then.  Then we’d watch them and laugh, etc…  Anyway, one of the shows we’d put on, fairly regularly, as I remember had to do with the Justice League of America.  Bill was Superman (and he really was.) and my friend Denise was Batgirl.  There aren’t that many women in the Justice League (or there weren’t at that time) and so Michelle and I created our own superheroes.  I have long since forgotten Michelle’s character… I have never forgotten mine… I was Schallara: Witch of the Woolsies (don’t even ask.) and as you know every superhero has their own kryptonite – mine was brylcreem.  I kid you not.

Shades of things to come?

In my sophomore year of college I was in the Sound of Music… At the time I wasn’t even Catholic, so it’s humorous to me…  I played one of the "choir" nuns.  I had no lines, but got to sing in the background wearing a long black habit.  My friends, the ones I went out to dime beer night with, all laughed at me playing a nun.  During one of the performances I got that horrible tickle/scratchy thing in my throat while singing and had to sort of drift even further into the background to avoid being seen gasping for breath as I held back the irresistibe urge to cough and cough and cough!  I turned three shades of red and then mercifully the scene ended before I passed out.  I took that as a sign that both I was not to have a musical career, and also that I should never pretend to be a nun. Ah, sigh.  Be careful how you read the signs.

She was Amazing!

WomofyearLest we go off thinking I don’t know from good theater…
Also way back in high school (in small town Illinois) my English class got to go on a field trip to Chicago to see Katherine Hepburn in a play.  I don’t remember the play. I remember seeing Katherine Hepburn.  Wow!  Even then she had the palsy, but she was amazing – that voice, that presence.  Has there ever been another?  I think not.

And that’s it for me on this Friday (when I should be doing a heck of a lot of preparing for my response for tomorrow’s talk.  I’d rather go see a show.