A beautiful Holy Thursday reflection

and a prayer:

Holy Thursday is all about gathering together in love. Jesus gathered with his disciples to celebrate the traditional Jewish Passover meal. During the meal He
broke bread and passed it to his friends. Then they shared a cup of
wine. Jesus promised that he would be there with them in the bread and
wine each time they gathered to share this special meal. Then He got on
His hands and knees and washed the feet of the disciples. This was a
direct example of how they were to serve each other, an example of what
we are called to do as Christians.

Today we will remember the three days the
church calls the Triduum, that is Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and
Easter. Our words and actions will be those of Jesus, and should serve
to remind us of how important they are in our lives.

Holy God be with us today as we gather as a family to
remember your gift to us, the gift of your Son Jesus. He gave of
himself, showing us how to love with every action of his life. May
today be a reminder to us of Jesus’ commandment to us to love one
another as He has loved us.

from: CTN