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Remember when you were ten and you listened to "old time" radio shows under the covers on the bottom bunk late at night, lights out…  radio pressed to your ear?  "Only the Shadow Knows!" … or was that just me?  (And no, I do NOT know how I was able to hear The Shadow in 1974 on my transistor radio)  ANYWAY – those days aren’t forever gone…. One can listen to radio like programming once more…. Thanks to the Podcast!  Oh, you already knew that.

(some) Podcasts I know and LOVE!

Cast-On – Brenda Dayne’s amazing podcast about knitting and related matters.  Great music, excellent essays, real human life – shared via knitting talk. "If you’re cold, put on a sweater… that’s what they’re for."

Zee and Zed – A Canadian and an American got married, had a kid, and now make many folks laugh while sharing their wry, satirical, sarcastic selves – also they’re darn entertaining!  My fave – the segment "Shopping at Target."

Quirky Nomads – A show about a couple that said, "If the rupublicans get any worse, we’re moving to Canada – and then they really did."  Funny, irreverent, amazing story-telling and more!  Brief bits which make you think.  Well, the make me think.

BustedHaloCast – Mike, Fr. Dave and Brooke and their take on being members of the "broken halo" world that is today’s Christianity – Catholic style.  Oh, those Paulists!  Always in the front…. Oh wait, that’s the Jesuits….  Oh wait, that’s a different podcast. 

Pray-As-You-Go – a prayerful cast which encourages meditation, prayer and growth in relationship to the God who loves us.  It’s really good.

The Catfish Show – Featuring Cat, Fish, Bob, Simon and "Leap"!  Entertaining commentary from a Canadian SAHM and her husband, Bob.  Cat is arguably the Queen of Canadian podcasting!

And it’s not a week I care to repeat without NPR’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me Podcast Version.

You don’t need an MP3 player to listen to podcasts – just a computer and an internet connection.

Sunday: Mass at my new parish (St. Julie’s – isn’t that great?) which just may be the friendliest, most hospitable parish to which I’ve ever been.

Monday: I don’t remember Monday. What happened on or to Monday?

Tuesday: Mom’s chemo (Taxol/Carboplatin) during which an allergic reaction (itchy hands) becomes the harbinger of another new chemo (the fourth) come the week after next.

Wednesday: BAD day energy-wise for Mom-o.  I got my "office" more organized while she took four naps.  Yard work, paper work, grocery shopping, etc.

Thursday: Great day for Mom-o; CT scan, chest x-ray, lunch at Red Lobster (Mom LOVES shrimp,) and a Trader Joe’s run (I LOVE ginger Joe-Jo’s,)  House de-flea’d while we were out.  In the evening I was finally able to transplant two rose bushes from next door which I hope will really come up.  Their names: Sweet Inspiration and Intrigue. 

– Mom learns she needs cataract surgery.  And is greatly encouraged as she’ll be able to see (this also explains why it’s taken her 3 weeks to not finish the new Sue Grafton novel.)

Favorite line from the review of that new movie I’m not going to see: "When a cryptographer and a symbologist get together, it usually ends in tears."  Favorite analysis of the "prose" style of Mr. Brown. Sample:

Brown’s writing is not just bad; it is staggeringly, clumsily,
thoughtlessly, almost ingeniously bad.  In some passages scarcely a   
word or phrase seems to have been carefully selected or compared with
alternatives.  I slogged through 454 pages of this syntactic swill, and
it never gets much better.               
Why did I keep reading?  Because London Heathrow is a long way from San Francisco International,   
and airline magazines are thin, and two-month-old Hollywood drivel on a small
screen hanging two seats in front of my row did not appeal, that’s why.
And why did I keep the book instead of dropping it into a Heathrow
trash bin?  Because it seemed to me to be such a fund of lessons
in how not to write.

82629948_260474324_66247986_114773183646_1Where do you like to hang out on a warm summer’s day?

Having left the dryer open for a few minutes while I tended to something (yes, I do so "tend") our new feline (Bootz) decided to take a nap….

First, a confession:  I’ve let a few people down in the past several months.  Not the least of which is the folks of the RevGalBlogPals for whose book (see sidebar) I added my name to the amazing list of writers who were going to write reflections.  I failed to write my reflections.  Singing Owl, I believe stepped up to write the ones I was planning procrastinating to write.  I have many excuses and many reasons too, but basically, I just didn’t get it done.  And I’m sorry.  However, I’ve already ordered the book and I am hoping that some of those who read my blog will too. 

Second, an update: I took a leave of absence from my MA Theology program at the GTU this semester.  I am at the ABT point of my program – All But Thesis – and well, that’s just the way it’s going to be for a while.  I really wanted to get it written, I wanted to finish up, I wanted to publish my thoughts in both thesis format and perhaps, God and some unsuspecting publisher willing, a book.  Yet the words would not flow.  The writing would not happen.  And I needed to do some assessing and put first things first. So….

I’ve moved to live with and care for my mother as she moves through the more and more complex world that is cancer and its treatment.  In the early months of this year she began "falling down."  And so rather than place her in an assisted living situation which she can’t afford and wouldn’t like anyway, some meetings were orchestrated among my sisters, my prioress, my school advisor, my family and my spiritual counselors (including that holy, healing, Holy Spirit.) 

And now, I live in San Jose, in an older people’s mobile home park, and it feels right to be here (though there are some serious moments of grand humor to be had here!)  I’ve also taken a ministry position at a Catholic high school in the vicinity as the part time coordinator of campus ministry.  I’m really looking forward to that (particularly as it takes off next fall) and the "break" it will give me from the rather close confines of Chez Mom. 

I cannot but feel blessed and overwhelmed with gratitude that I have this opportunity to be here for Mom; to put my brother and sisters’ minds at ease about her care; to be challenged to grow in so many personal ways; to learn and be with Mom as she moves through these last however many, what? weeks, months, years? of her life.  My community has been nothing but supportive and I am still an active member and eager to continue to be so.  My friends have been great and my brother has been generous with his truck and his strength (and some great cds too). 

And yes, there are sacrifices that I am trying to make willingly and with "sunny self forgetfulness," as one of our late sisters is oft quoted as inviting.  Community living, which has been such a blessing and challenge for me for the past 10 years; the friends I have in San Francisco; a wonderful local group of sisters whom I love and miss; San Francisco!; a lovely room that was spacious and light…(Did I mention San Francisco?)

Anyway, making the decision to move, looking for a job, packing up and moving, agonizing internally and with others over the changes in my mother’s health and independence; the various commitments of time and leadership I’ve been sharing ongoingly in the community and with the Catholic Young Adult world, the embarrassment of not finishing my thesis; the challenges associated with a new "independent living" budget process; and more.  The writing just hasn’t been coming. 

Maybe now it will, maybe it won’t.  Maybe I’ll get around to blogging about all the great podcasts I’ve found in the interim and some wonderful blogs as well.  Maybe I’ll get my act together.  Ah, maybe not.  I’m learning more and more to be patient with myself; to forgive myself; to be open to others; and to just be. 

"Yeeshk," as my mother would say, I do go on.

May 2006