Remember when you were ten and you listened to "old time" radio shows under the covers on the bottom bunk late at night, lights out…  radio pressed to your ear?  "Only the Shadow Knows!" … or was that just me?  (And no, I do NOT know how I was able to hear The Shadow in 1974 on my transistor radio)  ANYWAY – those days aren’t forever gone…. One can listen to radio like programming once more…. Thanks to the Podcast!  Oh, you already knew that.

(some) Podcasts I know and LOVE!

Cast-On – Brenda Dayne’s amazing podcast about knitting and related matters.  Great music, excellent essays, real human life – shared via knitting talk. "If you’re cold, put on a sweater… that’s what they’re for."

Zee and Zed – A Canadian and an American got married, had a kid, and now make many folks laugh while sharing their wry, satirical, sarcastic selves – also they’re darn entertaining!  My fave – the segment "Shopping at Target."

Quirky Nomads – A show about a couple that said, "If the rupublicans get any worse, we’re moving to Canada – and then they really did."  Funny, irreverent, amazing story-telling and more!  Brief bits which make you think.  Well, the make me think.

BustedHaloCast – Mike, Fr. Dave and Brooke and their take on being members of the "broken halo" world that is today’s Christianity – Catholic style.  Oh, those Paulists!  Always in the front…. Oh wait, that’s the Jesuits….  Oh wait, that’s a different podcast. 

Pray-As-You-Go – a prayerful cast which encourages meditation, prayer and growth in relationship to the God who loves us.  It’s really good.

The Catfish Show – Featuring Cat, Fish, Bob, Simon and "Leap"!  Entertaining commentary from a Canadian SAHM and her husband, Bob.  Cat is arguably the Queen of Canadian podcasting!

And it’s not a week I care to repeat without NPR’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me Podcast Version.

You don’t need an MP3 player to listen to podcasts – just a computer and an internet connection.