Just spent two days facilitating and enjoying a retreat with campus ministry student leaders from my new ministry.  I’m delighted to report that it was a great time and the students were wonderful!  I was a bit nervous going back into a high school setting after many years (10!) away… I’m aware that the youth of today are different from the youth of yesterday.  The world has changed and all that.  These kids were amazing!  So, I am relieved and hopeful.  I am looking forward to the work and the people I’ll be working with. 

On a lighter note… we played games… been a long time since I played Simon Says.  That was FUN.  🙂  I think grown-ups should play more.  Think about your workmates and how interesting it would be to go out to the parking lot once a day and play a quick round of Simon Says… that would break up those workaday glooms, I’m quite sure.

In other news… The nuns (and the cow) wen’t to the Petrified Forest.  See.Dscn5110

Now they’re off to Nevada….  I think they want to see a real sheep ranch