Well, I had a lovely visit to the desert and moutains – or is that deserty-mountains… perhaps mountainous-desert….

Anyway, a relaxing and thoughtful time with four of my sisters at the sheep ranch we love the most.  We relaxed, ate amazingly good food, walked, talked, slept (me more than them), prayed, played, took buckets of photographs, had an encounter with a bear, a dog and a lizard, (though not all at the same time, or the same sister), fed the new puppies, watched movies (and I mean lots of them:The Family Stone, Charly and the Chocolate Factory, Firewall, What the
Bleep Do We Know, Nanny McPhee, Serenity, The Mask of Zorro, Failure to
Launch, The Constant Gardener and a few eps of the Daily Show
and The Colbert Report too.) and generally had a break from all things ordinary.  It was retreat and vacation all rolled into one. 

And those nuns and the cow, you ask?  Well, they got around too.  All week I will feature pictures from them… as they send them to me.  The journey begins…