Dear Ones,

There has been a hue and cry (okay, maybe just a hue) for the story behind the nuns and their bovine friend.  And so the story goes…like…this.  I have a wacky family.  And into my wacky family married wacky "in-loves," as I call them in my mind.  One such love, my sister-in-love, is a traveling geneticist.  Which, oddly, has absolutely nothing to do with the story.  (the geneticist part, that is).  Anyway, one day my SIL tells me she got me a present on her recent trip to "headquarters,"  which is conveniently coincidentally located in Des Moines.  Now I’ve been to Des Moines – only the bus station, but Des Moines, nonetheless.  It’s not so much a happening town as a town that happened.  (Okay, I just wanted to sound clever there.  Did I?)  Anyway, SIL while there apparently purchased the three nuns and the cow and decided it was just the thing to give me.  Can you say "random?"  I thought you culd.

Anyway, it took weeks for her to remember to bring them over and give them to me.  She brought them on the day we were enjoying playing with my neices and nephew and generally goofing off.  The whole wacky clan was there.  At least the whole wacky clan who could be.  And the wacky clan decided the nuns (and the cow) should travel.  And so they are.

And then… they were introduced to Sr. Mary of the Research who is also known as Sr. Mary, the Producer.  Sr. Mary of the SetUp…

She’s also Sr. Mary of the "Oh my goodness is that Mary Magdalene at the Last Supper???"

Other sisters got in on the act too….  Sr. Pat of the Photographical Contortions:

And Sr. Patty of the Sunglasses on a Plane fame: Rafter7_august_2006_009

Honest to goodness.  We are just that silly. 

As to the questions of where to find nuns of your own… Sr. Mary of the Research (see above) who is leaving Reno even as we speak to head to Portland for a CPE program (Susan, you just had to go this year, didn’t you?!)…. Sr. Mary received a gift of a "nun chuck" Seen here in it’s natural habitat:

Which leads to the question… where did the cow come from?  Well, glad you asked.  Check it out:

You can get your own Nun Chucker and your own Cattle Pulter at perpetualkid.  Or apparently in a bowl next to the register in some little shop in Des Moines, Iowa.  Good luck. 

Of course you can google them and find them at other sites too.  There’s even a flying nun refill packet as well.

And yes, Steph, there is a Benedictine nun too!!!  As they say in the movies, "Have fun storming the castle."