The three nuns and I are back at it in the halls of secondary and even primary education.  As the new director of campus ministry for a catholic school system which encompasses Montessori, elementary, middle and secondary schools, I find I’m getting back into the swing of the school groove rather easily.  Last week was ruff, but this week – much better.  Here are a few shots of some of the events to which I attended:

1. office space to set up: Dscn5728

Of course I had some help:

Some of the students from the high school enjoyed a wonderful meeting with Sr. Flo, an RSCJ from Uganda.  The schools have a ministry with the RSCJs and their Sacred Heart schools in Uganda.  It’s marvelous.  Here Sr. Flo taught us about singing, dancing and drumming in her country:

The next day… before the All School mass:


That’s not even half of the seats. 

Here  are some of the peeps:


This was undoubtedly the largest mass for which I had some reponsibility.  1200 people – ages 3 to lots older.  Yikes.  Fortunately for me there were buckets of people happy to show me the ropes and to assist with the liturgy (the work of the people, I’ll say!)

Meanwhile the best moment of the whole week for me didn’t happen at school/work/ministry.  It happened when the mobile home residents’ club honored my mom for her five years of service to the community.  She’s recently stepped down from the position of editor of the park newsletter, a role she dearly loved.  Anyway, the members of the residents’ club surprised her with gifts and testimonials.  This is how she took it:

happy tears.