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Some days, at the end of it, you can’t do much but take a nap and surf the web.  This week, that’s today. 

We had a campus ministers retreat today which went very well.  I really enjoyed preparing for it and gathering the materials for the sharing that we would be doing.  I enjoyed making the prayer and activity handout we’d be using.  I enjoyed leading us through some of the activities which were designed to help us get to know one another better and develop our ability to communicate with one another in a more healthy and positive way.  I enjoyed the responses from the campus ministers.  I enjoyed the location which was lovely and open and peaceful.  I enjoyed being with the folks I was with.  I enjoyed the lunch and the coffee and the relish with which the others enjoyed their "bag o treats". 

And it was a lot of work.  A Lot Of Work.  And the most work of all was letting go and letting God and trying to "stay out of the way" of the Spirit working in our midst. 

So here are a few of the bits I found in the land of blog as I surfed this evening.

blogosphere bits:

[he] left us with a quote of James Baldwin: "Be careful what set your heart on, for it will surely be yours." and One thing she is devastatingly on target about is the need to pray, pray, pray. Magdalene’s Musings

kula talks about truth and tells a fable about the beginning of time.
g*d wanted to give “truth” to humankind, but it was so sacred that he
did not want to give it to one group of people, so he threw it to earth
and it shattered into many pieces — so everyone had a part of truth,
but not a corner on the market.
being heidi

And then I unwound myself and moved on with my day. It wasn’t until
I began writing this blog post that I consciously recognized the
humor in this little cellphone story. When I’m not plugged-in to my
source, my batteries run dry, sometimes faster than I expect.
In retrospect, finding my cellphone low on juice yesterday morning
seems like God winking at me…and probably sighing ruefully at me when
I used the experience as an excuse to follow my well-intentioned
instincts toward overwork, instead of as a reminder that might
point me in the right direction. 
Velveteen Rabbi

Surprise: Halloween’s Not a Pagan Festival After All. . .

The origins of Halloween are, in fact, very Christian and rather
American. Halloween falls on October 31 because of a pope, and its
observances are the result of medieval Catholic piety.

. . . .

The next time someone claims that Halloween is a cruel trick to lure
your children into devil worship, I suggest you tell them the real
origin of All Hallows Even and invite them to discover its Christian
significance, along with the two greater and more important Catholic
festivals that follow it.

Fr. Augustine Thompson, O.P. (excerpt found at

Pumpkin. And you?

Oh those RevGalBlogPals o mine!  Here’s the friday five from reverendmother:

I checked out last year’s Halloween Friday Five,
which dealt with candy and costumes. Great questions, supplied by
Songbird. If you weren’t around last year or didn’t play then, feel
free to do so now. Mmm. Candy.

You wanna see something *really* scary?…

1. Do you enjoy a good fright?
    I used to.  I don’t so much anymore.  Life itself provides the willies well enough.  I am, however, really unable to control myself from startling folks with a boo now and then!  (this does come back to bite me, you know.)

2. Scariest movie you’ve ever seen
    I have to say, while it’s not the scariest movie I’ve ever watched, the movie that has scared me the most (all my life) is WestWorld.  I guess I saw it when I was nine years old.  My oldest sister worked at a drive in theater and we got in once or twice on her good looks!  Anywho….  I had nightmares like nobodies business after seeing that movie…. and, because it was a strange family time, I was unable to resolve that particular nightmare when it happened.  I still occasionally have that horrible dream where Yul Brynner is aiming to shoot me down!  Dude, hope I don’t have that dream tonight!

3. Bobbing for apples: choose one and discuss:
a) Nothing scary about that! Good wholesome fun.
b) Are you *kidding* me?!? The germs, the germs!

    Who is Bob?  And what’s he doing with the apples? 

4. Real-life phobia
    creepy crawlies… I even gave a spider plant away once.

5. Favorite "ghost story"
    Oh, you know, the one about the Paraclete! 

(. . .and all the ones we told in the graveyard next to the house in which I grew up.)

what’s your personality dna? Here’s mine.
Logo There are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

You Are Surrealism

Dreamy and idealistic, you’ve created a world that is all your own.
It’s very likely that you’ve either dabbled in drugs or are naturally trippy.
You are always trying to push beyond the boundaries of your culture and society.
You believe that art, love, and freedom can change the world.

thanks discerning one

Friday Five: Word Association

Below you will find five words. Tell us the
first thing you think of on reading each one. Your response might be
simply another word, or it might be a sentence, a poem or a story.

whirlwind – life.

foundation – community. 

lightning – summer thunderstorms in the midwest; fall monsoon storms in Arizona – beautiful displays causing fear and danger, the tingly kind that’s exciting and expectant.

den – never had one.  don’t think I’ve ever been in one.

prey – pray.

(Yes, they’re all from Job 38.)

Theology on Tap is a program aimed at bringing theologians and young adults together in a venue they can both enjoy; a venue which is comfortable and familiar and that can encourage honest conversation.  The Archdiocese of San Francisco’s Young Adult Ministry (SFYAM) has been hosting such gatherings for many years.  This past month, the new-to-us Arch met with young adults to talk about faith and politics.  It was recorded by one of the young adults and you can see it here… if you like it, maybe you’d go give it a green light so it can get on TV too.  I thought it was interesting and insightful.

Man, is it ever time to cut people some
slack. It’s hard enough to try to be a good person and raise your children to
be good people without some stranger yelling at you.

Jon Carroll

So what if I don’t agree with everything the man says.  What he says, he says with wit and wisdom and I like that a lot.  Also, he shows compassion and generosity to which I can only aspire.


Friday Five: Creature Comforts

reverendmother wonders what are your "creature comforts–those activities and spaces that just make a person feel

1. Comfort beverage — Milk and lots of it.

2. Comfort chair — Denim blue recliner in the front room… I can sit cross legged in it and that’s important.

3. Comfort read — woman detective mysteries, my favorites are by Janet Evanovich and Nevada Barr.  Both the main characters are so flawed as to be human, like me… and they know it. 

4. Comfort television/DVD/music — Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Really.  Music?  I’m likely to put the ipod on shuffle and see what comes up… or put the "jesus" playlist on. 

5. Comfort companion(s) — My neice, Rose Marie (aka Rosa or "Shorty," to me).  She’s just such good company. 

And you?

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