1. If you are not a nurse there is a great deal of "I dunno" involved in taking care of another human being.
  2. Knitting can and often does save ones life (and sanity.)
  3. "rescue dog adoption" at your local petfoodsupermarket are almost too much to resist (but only almost.)
  4. Meredith should choose the McVet.
  5. A wheelchair in the trunk makes a great shopping bag organizer.
  6. Taking time to sit and knit in ones car can help focus one before going into a new environment.
  7. Having sisters in a nearby big city… priceless.
  8. Itunes is a trap, I tell you!  A 70s-music-just-waiting-to-be-purchased-&-listened-to-over-and-over-and-over-again TRAP.
  9. Safeway Select Moose Tracks: addictive.
  10. A  weed does actually make cancer patients feel better, eat better and sleep better too.
  11. Taking care of another human being who goes to bed before the sun does means one has a lot of time on ones hands and offers the opportunity to get in touch with ones inner channel surfer.
  12. Harpers Magazine is a downer.  But knitting magazines hold the promise of creation and hope.
  13. There are very few feelings as satisfying as putting a care package in the mail.
  14. Friends who put their lives on hold to take you out for a beer are the best!
  15. Cherry tomatoes just keep going and going and going….
  16. Mark Harmon – with or without the mustache is still Mark Harmon.  Hoo-boy.
  17. Church on Sunday.
  18. RevGalBlogPals trivia challenge – awesome!
  19. Knitting "warshrags," and other squares is a fun way to practice new skills.
  20. Having a boss who says things like: "Tell me you are not still worrying about that." after you have royally missed an important deadline is an unexpected miracle.
  21. Phone messages left by friends even when you don’t reply in any kind of timely way can turn a day around.
  22. ER, Veronica Mars, NCIS, Studio 60, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, The Nine, Monk, Psych.  Not necessarily in that order.
  23. SuperNanny got me thru the summer.
  24. The prayers of friends and sisters holds up the world.
  25. Let’s face it: most of the time there’s only one set of footprints.

*Don’t tell mom I called it a trailer park – the technical term is, of course, "mobile home park."  (tomato, etc.)