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Oh those RevGalBlogPals o mine!  Here’s the friday five from reverendmother:

I checked out last year’s Halloween Friday Five,
which dealt with candy and costumes. Great questions, supplied by
Songbird. If you weren’t around last year or didn’t play then, feel
free to do so now. Mmm. Candy.

You wanna see something *really* scary?…

1. Do you enjoy a good fright?
    I used to.  I don’t so much anymore.  Life itself provides the willies well enough.  I am, however, really unable to control myself from startling folks with a boo now and then!  (this does come back to bite me, you know.)

2. Scariest movie you’ve ever seen
    I have to say, while it’s not the scariest movie I’ve ever watched, the movie that has scared me the most (all my life) is WestWorld.  I guess I saw it when I was nine years old.  My oldest sister worked at a drive in theater and we got in once or twice on her good looks!  Anywho….  I had nightmares like nobodies business after seeing that movie…. and, because it was a strange family time, I was unable to resolve that particular nightmare when it happened.  I still occasionally have that horrible dream where Yul Brynner is aiming to shoot me down!  Dude, hope I don’t have that dream tonight!

3. Bobbing for apples: choose one and discuss:
a) Nothing scary about that! Good wholesome fun.
b) Are you *kidding* me?!? The germs, the germs!

    Who is Bob?  And what’s he doing with the apples? 

4. Real-life phobia
    creepy crawlies… I even gave a spider plant away once.

5. Favorite "ghost story"
    Oh, you know, the one about the Paraclete! 

(. . .and all the ones we told in the graveyard next to the house in which I grew up.)

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