• a.m. – get up; make coffee for me, tea and oj for mom, give singing cats their morning treat.
  • later a.m. – help mom fill out mom’s absentee ballot.
  • a little later – take ballot across the street to the community clubhouse which is conveniently a polling place.  Marvel again at the efficiency and the nice volunteers.  Ask for an "I voted." sticker.
  • a little later (but before 10:30) load up the wheelchair and the mom in the car to head off to MickyD’s for her favorite breakfast burrito. (see, they stop serving them at 10:30.)  Eat breakfast in the parking lot.
  • late morning – arrive at quest labs and the oncologist’s office – blood draw performed by our favorite phlebotomist, Sal. (Dude is wonderful with the needles!)
  • visit with Dr. C. (our favorite oncologist!) who reports the chest x-ray reveals little change – mostly stable.  Okay.  Ask about some meds, some symptoms, some potential treatments.  Take the information received and be grateful we’ve got a nice, droll, darling doctor.  Wish him a happy 6th anniversary of our initial visit!  Woo hoo.
  • Zometa and Faslodex, infusion and shot, respectively in the treatment room.  Fortunately someone had vacated one of the treatment chairs so mom got to sit back and knit and then take a little snooze while I sat nearby knitting on a sock.
  • afternoon – hug Roxy, the nurse, say bye to all the fine folks who work there and head on home.  Stop at Arby’s for the lunch/dinner sandwich – she wanted the french dip.  For me the beef and cheddar (tradition tops new sandwich menu).  Also, did you know they have an orangecicle shake?  I’m just saying.
  • return to the house; mom enjoys watching the voters come and go.  "There’s been a LOT of them." she comments later. (yay!)  As I write this, it’s a bit after seven p.m. and though the blinds are closed, I can hear cars still coming and going.
  • afternoon chores; laundry, bedmaking, dishes, kitchen floor, knitting, nap, garbage out, etc.
  • later afternoon – mom toddles off to bed; I clean refridgerator; people keep coming to vote.
  • early evening – blog a little, laundry a little, check the news and the "internets" a little.  Get ready for work tomorrow a little. 

Just another Election Day in San Jose.