At my ministry this week, we (aka Campus Ministry) hosted a prayer service to honor the Feast of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, the RSCJ who originally brought her order to the United States and began the foundation of Sacred Heart Schools here. 

Some observations from the ongoing learning curve at this my newish ministry. 

1. Putting on a simple prayer service for 580 teen-age folks is a fascinating study in yes, no, wait, I think so, who’s in charge of that, I thought I was supposed to read, when do I go up, what’s my cue, who’s doing the final prayer, are there handouts and who is picking them up, that was nice.

2. When you ask four teenagers to reflect on a quote (
Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.  ~Winston Churchill), they will amaze you and their peers with the depth of their learning from life’s ups and downs.

3. Two of our teachers make fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches for all takers on a special day in January.  Can you guess what day?

4.  Showing up and paying attention is often all that is needed.

5. No matter how many, many people signed up for the knitting club, when it comes right down to it, high school students and teachers are way more busy than a.) they should be; b.) they want to be; and c.) they think they are.  (They should come anyway.)

6. Having technological savvy and skill makes you welcome in almost any office setting.

7.  The drive to work can be one of the most prayerful and inspiring parts of the day.

8.  I don’t ever want to be the person who has to discipline (or even invite reflection from) the student who writes totally inappropriate things in his/her notebook – the notebook that has to be turned in at the end of class each week; the notebook for the religion course.

9.  Though getting students to participate in prayer or liturgies can be a very difficult task, the benefits for each of them and for the whole school population are out of this world.

10.  Free lunches.  Really.  Do.  Exist.

11.  Educators are some of the most jaded and the most idealistic persons on the planet.  Often one and the same.

12.  Kindergarteners and high-schoolers do mix.  You should have heard the "Aaaahhhh" as the 48 wee ones entered the prayer space yesterday morning to show us how to remember St. Rose Philippine Duchesne