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Here’s a prayer for students during midterms, papers, exams,
and finals.  via Work of the People

God, Creator of all things and of human intellect,
bless these students with orderly thinking,
curiosity for the work of your creation,
and a creative spirit in their studies.

Lord Jesus, Son of God, help them remain focused.
Give them eyes to see the connections between their study
and its value for life and service to others.
Energize them and get their brains working.

Send your Holy Spirit upon them
to give them flexibility of thought and expression,
good memory and calm nerves,
the ability to organize their thinking
and comprehend theories and facts
that they may express them with flair and clarity.
May your Spirit help them
to overcome moments of discouragement
and to rejoice in their accomplishments.

God our Wisdom, in whom we move, live, and have our being,
bless your sons and daughters.
Bless their brains and every part of their lives.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

As my students are taking their final exams for the semester, I’m aware that many others are too.  Heather (thanks, Heather!) emailed me recently and it reminded me that college students are in that crunch time too!  So, Here’s to all of you finishing final papers, studying for exams and dealing with life on top of all that too!  You’re in my prayers.

December 2006