Today is day two of a year of sugar-free me.  While I generally don’t even begin formulating "resolutions" much before January 15, this year, it was clear when the clock struck midnight what I needed/wanted/hoped to do.

I’ve gone sugar-free for the year.  The whole year.  I’m going to do it one day at a time, of course (we don’t actually get any more than that anyway.)   Here are my guidelines:

  1.        I’m just saying "no, thank you" to processed sugar and all her addictive products (i.e., candy, etc.)
  2.         "Nope" also to the artificial variety of sugar (diet coke, etc.)
  3.         If it’s in the top four ingredients as any variation of sugar, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, syrupy corn, or corny syrup, it’s not to be imbibed, ingested, masticated, digested or otherwise put in my body.

The exceptions I make are for peanut butter and yogurt.  Both of which are a dietary, medicinal, if-i’m-gonna-survive-this, need.

Several years ago a friend of mine challenged, dared, ridiculed, um, invited me to consider giving up sugar and her artificial sister for Lent.  I did.  It was awesome.  And it was the first indication I had that the whole eating sugar thing for me was/is an all or nothing proposition.   Since then, I’ve done it every Lent.  And continued it the year I lost 35 pounds on Weight Watchers.  Ah, but then I had a birthday.  And a final profession.  And, hey, it was a cake celebrating me… and then it was, well, other stuff.

Another dear friend (Hi, TOR), mentioned the books Potatoes, Not Prozac and The Sugar Addicts Guide to Total Recovery both by Kathleen DesMaisons.  While many people may not understand it, some folks have a biology that is "sugar sensitive".  I believe I fall into this category.  And so, this year I’ve decided to take care of myself in this new way.  It’s a one year trial.  And it’s a day at a time.  Maybe I’ll make it, (right now I’m thinking I will – let’s check back in next week.) maybe I won’t.  Yesterday was fine.  Today was also fine. 

Tonight… well, tonight I can feel the "crash" kicking in.  I knew it would happen.  I know it’s going to be a challenge.  And for me, knowing is enough to help me hang on.  The crash resembles a short-term depression… and a bit of anxiety.  And I’ve had it before.  Emotionally it’s challenging.  I’ve found, however if I talk it through.  If I share what I’m experiencing with another person, I do pretty well.  I make it through.  And the increased water intake, the increased fruit intake, the increased "taking care of myself" all lead to a healthier, happier, more emotionally stable and more energetic me.  And that’s who I’m going for this year.  I hope you get to meet her someday down the road.

This isn’t my only "new practice" for this new year.  But it’s bound to be the most important one, I think. 

And you?  Do you have any new practices?  Blessings, luck and good will to you on this second day of the new year.