So here’s this weeks Friday Five, compliments of RevGalBlogPals and yours truly.

Friday Five: Birthday, Redux

Yours truly had a birthday this week, and while we’ve done the birthday thing before, I’m going to do my best to come up with new questions…

1. "It’s my party and I’ll [blank] if I want to…"
Favorite way to celebrate your birthday (dinner with family? party with friends? a day in solitude?)

A nice lunch with a couple of close friends and knitting.  Dinner or breakfast with fambly.  Nothing fancy.  I do like me a good Angel Food cake, though. 

2. "You say it’s your birthday… it’s my birthday too, yeah…"
Do you share your birthday with someone famous? (Click here to find out!)

Why, yes, yes I do.  The  Creator of all this.

3. "Lordy Lordy look who’s forty…"
Milestone birthdays:
a) just like any other birthday–they’re just numbers, people.
b) a good opportunity to look back/take stock
c) enjoy the black balloons–I’ll be hiding under a pile of coats until the day is over
d) some combination of the above, or something else entirely.

I love birthdays.  Mine and everyone else’s.  I used to be really, really consistent in getting cards and gifts out.  Now, not so much.  But, I do say a birthday prayer for all those whose birthdays I know.   I take each of mine as an opportunity and a celebration. 
(see I got a new halo, craftlight for my birthday this year.)  

4. "Happy birthday, dear… Customer…"
Have you ever been sung to in a restaurant? Fun or cringe-worthy?

I totally used to think this was fun (loved getting the Chili’s hat); but lately, I find it just dull and perfunctory.  Oh well.

5. "Take my birthday–please"
me one advantage and one disadvantage about your particular birthday
(e.g. birthday in the summer–never had to go to school; birthday near
Christmas–the dreaded joint presents)
EDITED TO ADD: This could
also simply be something you like/dislike about your birthday (e.g. I
like sharing a birthday with my best friend, etc.).

Oh, there are no disadvantages about my birthday.  While it’s in the month of December, some might say that Christmas overshadows it.  It’s in the first part of the month, however, so there hasn’t ever been a year when I haven’t been delighted to celebrate my birthday for the whole month and to share it with Jesus, whose birthday is the TRUE reason I celebrate anything at all.