1. Mom in and out of the hospital last week: all’s fine-ish.  Her hospital, Good Sam in San Jose, recently opened a new floor for oncology in which all patients get a single room – and I cannot tell you what a blessing this is.  Note to nurses, if the patient is finally sleeping comfortably, is it really necessary to awaken her at 2-flippin-30 in the morning to weigh her?  And no, 4:30 a.m. the next day is not that much better.

2. Mom started a new chemo drug today, Doxil, to which, we are grateful, she wasn’t allergic.  It’s always an adventure when she has a new treatment… will there be fatigue? Will she lose her hair, Will she tolerate this one?

3. Today, I finally got around to ordering my business cards for work/ministry.  I had to get my supervisor’s signature on the request.  He signed it and then, in other news, reminded me that I have my performance evaluation with him tomorrow.  When asked if I should hold the business card request till after, he laughed.  Grin.

4. This pattern is a hoot to knit.  I read about it here first and then couldn’t wait to cast on.


    1. Nautical

      1. A large merchant ship.
      2. A fleet of ships.


    2. A rich source or supply:
            an argosy of adventure lore.
    3. The cutest little scarf pattern.

5.  On the way home from doctor’s office today, I thought to myself several things.  Among them:

  • Maybe I should turn off here and head over to pick up my prescriptions… no, better get Mom home and dinner’d.
  • Would it be easier to go through a drive-through than heat up the penne pasta and meatballs?  Nah.
  • "Light’s green, take the foot off the brake, slowly move it to the gas pedal, look in rearview mirror… Uh oh… that bumper is coming close and quickly…Oh Sh…." 
    • Yep, we’ve been creamed.

6. Officer K. C. of the San Jose police is a very nice fellow.  The young woman who ploughed into us experienced her very first accident and while the person she hit (me) and the person she made the person she hit hit were both quite nice people, it really stinks having your first accident (for which you are at fault) at 18 in an SUV loaner from the dealership where you’ve left your car only several hundred yards from the dealership and ,to add insult to injury, (no one was hurt, actually, so not literal injury!) she starts work at that very dealership in just one week.  Sheesh.

Hey, happy Monday, everyone!