• Take an Easter Walk
    during the week after Easter Sunday, take a walk around your
    neighborhood, in your garden, at the park, or even at the local
    shopping center. Look for signs of new life all around you. Remember
    the neophytes—those who were baptized this Easter—who are “new plants”
    in the household of God.
  • Do a Baptism search
    for photos and other mementos of your own baptism, for example, your
    baptismal gown or certificate. Place these in a prominent spot in your
    home during the season. Bring home some holy water from the parish
    baptismal font, and use it to make the sign of the cross each morning
    on your forehead.
  • Wear white and dress up
    Sundays during the season, try to wear lots of white or something more
    “Easter-y,” for example, a flower corsage on your wrist or lapel. If
    you don’t usually dress up for Sunday Mass, wear dressier clothes each
    Sunday of Easter. Each time you dress, remember that you have been
    “clothed in Christ.”
  • Light candles  Buy
    some nice candles for your home. Place them in your living room and on
    your dinner table. Light them at night and whenever you sit down to eat
    at home. Use a match to light them, and as you strike the match, say
    “Christ, our Light.”
  • Dress up your dinner table
    the season, use a table cloth on your kitchen or dinner table if you
    don’t already. Use the nicer plates, utensils, and glasses that you
    save for special occasions. Commit to eating at least one meal at home
    on Sundays. Light candles, turn off the TV, and put on some nice music
    for these meals. Every time you eat, begin by saying, “Jesus, Lamb of
  • Make bathing a time of renewal  Whenever
    you shower or bathe, remember your own baptism. Recall how the
    neophytes were bathed in the font. Make it a special time of prayer by
    saying, “Christ, the Water of Life” when you begin. Pamper yourself
    with soothing oils or lotions. Remember how you have been anointed with
    the Spirit of Christ.
  • Let each day be a little Easter  As
    you wake up each day, consecrate that day to God by saying, “This is
    the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” This
    comes from the traditional psalm for Easter (Psalm 118). If you can,
    give yourself some quiet time before the busyness of the day. Sit in
    silence with your morning coffee, light a candle, and let God speak to
    you in that moment.
  • Write a thank-you note, just because
    means “thank you” in Greek. Each week of Easter (there are seven),
    write a
    thank-you note to someone you appreciate but don’t often get to
    thank. Send it to them, and say a prayer for them as you seal the
    envelope or click the “send” button.