"Rubble is the ground on which our deepest friendships are built. If
you haven’t already, you will lose someone you can’t live without, and
your heart will be badly broken, and you never completely get over the
loss of a deeply beloved person. But this is also good news. The person
lives forever, in your broken heart that doesn’t seal back up. And you
come through, and you learn to dance with the banged-up heart. You
dance to the absurdities of life; you dance to the minuet of old
friendships." –Anne Lamott

My prayers and those of my sisters are with the community in Blacksburg, Virginia.  Because I so recently have been affected by loss of a loved one, I can readily imagine the pain of loss and the grief that the families of the victims will be dealing with.  I am quite sure that their grief will be unbelievably more difficult because of the deaths. 

At the school with which I minister we will be having a prayer service for victims of violence.  I know there are many resources out there and I’m probably late to the story/sharing.  But, here are two links that helped me plan and prepare.   1. NFCYM (the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministers) has a violence resource page that can be found here.  2. NFCYM links to St. Mary’s Press which has a prayer service for times like these.  It can be found here.

We will be praying for those who died in Virginia this week.  And all those too who have died all over the world this week, these weeks, this month, this year… in unexpected violence.  And what violence, really, is anything but unexpected.

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