Should you ever worry about the future generations and think there’s no hope…. The following quotes are taken from the Valedictory speech given by one of SHP’s recent graduates.  It may have been the best Valedictorian speech I have ever heard.  Certainly it was finer than my own high school graduation speech.  I am in awe of this young woman and her young wisdom.

. . . . "I will always bear with me the soft impressions
of the kindnesses I received here, and perhaps nothing more will ever matter in
the end."

. . . .  "This school has given us the knowledge that each
of our hearts is, itself, sacred—that the worn tools we need are merely the
shoulders we have to lean on when we are too weary to go on ourselves, and the
daily consolation given us by our faith." 

– recent SHP graduate in her valedictory speech.