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Such as

Things YOU Love?  Here’s my list for today. 

Song you love: Sing Mary Sing (as sung by Jennifer Knapp)

Food you love: Ice Cream. Oh, yes, Ice Cream. In fact, I love ice cream so much that my niece
didn’t bring any with the birthday cake because she assumed I’d have some. But
I didn’t. Sigh.

Thing you love to look at: the
faces of people I love.

Sound you love: The sound of the coffee pot’s final whoosh of
coffee preparation.

Thing you love to laugh at:
witty movies

Gadget you love: Addi Turbo
circular knitting needles

Person you love: Rose Marie

Software you love: Google Chat

Word you love: Wisteria

Thing you love on the internet: Google Images Search

Place you love to go on vacation: Denise’s house

Sensation you love: cashmere
yarn through my fingers.

Animal you love: generally, a cow;
specifically, a black and white cat named Boots.

Book you love: Guadalupe:
Mother of the New Creation
, by Virgil Elizondo

Emotion you love: Tenderness

Occasion you love: There’s a part of each of our sister’s
funeral that I love – the singing at the end of the Hail Holy Queen by our sisters. It’s so beautiful. And poignant.

Quality you love in people:
Humorous perspective

Thing you most love to shop for:
presents for others

And finally…

What you love about today:
pumpkin flavored cream cheese at the Friendly Friday Feast this a.m.



I swear, you’ll feel better just for having thought of it all.