• how it feels to be needed and to be helpful to others on a daily basis

  • sisters are funny people

    the odd places you find things… today I found a banana (a real live
    banana) in a box of cereal (Golden Grahams, since you asked.)  Random
    banana in the box outside the bag with the cereal, but going brown

  • the way things end up in different places from day to day (i.e., cereal bowls) (well, and, bananas)

  • the beautiful rhythm of the voices lifted in prayer together

  • how much patience it takes to be with someone who is memory-challenged

  • how much joy it is to be with each one of the sisters

  • how entertaining a NASCAR race can be when shared with several others (and how much knitting one can get done while doing the sharing)

  • the daily laughter

    eating with others and preparing a meal – daily sacraments

  • how i fit in the world

  • the tyranny of “the way it’s always been.”

  • the comfort of “the way it’s always been.”

  • challenge, hope, peace, prayer, acceptance, love, frustration, generosity, charity, faith, and all the bananas