I'm working on a workshop and conversation at my new ministry about faithful citizenship.  I need to present the multiplicity of sides and issues in choosing a candidate and I want to do it in a fun and thoughtful manner. 

To that end:

I've gotten my hands on a copy of Fr. Dominic DeLay's new movie Inside Darkness which posits three presidential candidates (of differing ideological stances) trapped in a small room forced to work together.

I've downloaded and will make copies of the U.S. BishopsFaithful Citizenship and Network's Presidential Candidate Chart for Conscientious Catholics

I've found this article by  Sarah Vowell who articulates so snarkily entertainingly some of what I believe we are capable of as a nation (sample here.)

Picture this: a wind-powered public school classroom of 19 multiracial
8-year-olds reading above grade level and answering the questions of
their engaging, inspirational teacher before going home to a
cancer-free (or in remission) parent or parents who have to work only
eight hours a day in a country at war solely with the people who make
war on us, where maybe Exxon Mobil can settle for, oh, $8 billion in
quarterly profits instead of $11 billion, and the federal government’s
point man for Biblical natural disasters is someone who knows more
about emergency management than how to 
put on a horse show. Is that
really too much to ask? Can we do that?

Now I'm working on how to put it all together and how to attract folks to it.  I'm thinking Red White and Blue M&Ms; "rules of engagement" for the conversation and facilitation that allows multiple and differing points of view to be expressed and heard without judgment or blame.  Is this possible?

This is such a challenge and I am sooooo delighted to be in a place and a
ministry and a way of life that allows me to work on such a thing!

(PS: Any ideas or suggestions are welcome – spirit of collaboration assumed)